An Intruder Alarm is the best single investment for the protection of your home and family. You are far less likely to become the victim of a burglary if you have a professionally designed and maintained burglar alarm.

There are different types of Intruder alarm available for the protection of your home. They can be categorised into two types, Audible Only and Monitored. There are also two types of installation, hard-wired and wireless.

IAAudible Only

When activated the alarm sounds at the premises only. Response is reliant on a neighbour notifying the authorities. Many Police forces have a policy to not attend Audible Only alarms unless there is additional evidence to suggest a crime is being committed, i.e. the person reporting the activation confirming a sighting or a broken window.


When activated the alarm sounds at the premises and a signal is sent to an alarm-receiving centre via your phone line and/or mobile network. The receiving centre will contact the nominated key holders and police (subject to confirmation routines).

The visual presence of the Intruder Alarm will deter most potential burglars. The cruel fact is they will seek an easier target.

Hard Wired

Regarded by Police, Insurance companies and Security companies as the preferred option. All devices are connected by cable to the control panel. Our Engineers are experts in concealing the cables and we will keep disruption and mess to a minimum.


Wireless systems are generally easier and quicker to install than a wired system. They are not quite as flexible as hard-wired systems but are becoming the favoured system for home security.