CCTV: Rental & Housing


If you have a temporary urgent issue where evidence is required we can install a rented system. Due to the nature of this type of service, out of hour’s installation or pretending to install other services is common.


CCTV systems Designed, installed and maintained by GD Security for local authority housing have proved invaluable. They reduce anti social behaviour, making the communities safer and a pleasant place to live.


A professionally designed CCTV system can be invaluable to Schools, Colleges and Universities and has the ability to assist in many aspects of education. It is more than simply protecting the pupils and school property. Well situated cameras, together with notices that surveillance is in operation serve as both a deterrent and evidence should there be an incident.

Public Area Surveillance

Public Area CCTV systems designed by GD Security continue to make a valued contribution in helping the Police and Local Authorities to conduct security operations, tackle street crime and anti social behaviour, making the areas safer and a pleasant place to visit.

Traffic Enforcement

GD Security has established itself as a knowledgeable supplier of traffic law enforcement surveillance technology, satisfying the growing demand of local authorities, police and emergency services.