Public Buildings

GD Security understands that our clients want to create an open, friendly and warm welcome to their staff and visitors. We have considerable experience in delivering effective access control and identification systems which form part of that greeting. Our System Designers will help and guide you through the process of developing a solution and/or upgrading existing systems.

Access ControlEducation

The safety of pupils, staff and contents of Schools, Colleges and Universities, has made the ability to control unauthorised entry increasingly important. Administrators struggle with maintaining a balance between having a user-friendly, welcoming climate and a facility which is secure from unwanted intruders. While even the best access control efforts for cannot guarantee that a determined outsider will not be able to gain access, GD Security will help educators take reasonable steps to reduce the risks of unauthorised access.


The threat of walk-in theft to personal/office equipment and records, data theft by criminals or discontented employees, rises daily. Restricting personnel, contractors’ and visitors’ access to buildings and/or areas within buildings is becoming ever more important.

One System

A central system can be designed to control all of the above premises. Where personnel travel between sites, one ID card will allow access to all authorised premises and areas.