We design and install wireless systems for all types of premises where a quick short-term solution is required. Ideal for vacant housing, portable interim accommodation etc.

Public Buildings

GD Security has vast experience in designing systems for Libraries, Museums, Leisure Centres, etc. Each public building has its own characteristics, different visitor groups and procedures; our System Designers ensure the system suits the building’s requirements seamlessly.


Schools, Colleges and Universities can be easy targets and securing them can be difficult, they are often mazes with numerous groups using parts of the site at differing times. GD Security has been designing Intruder Alarms for the education sector for over 20 years, we understand the issues, segregated systems are often a must. Why not utilise our knowledge and experience with the education sector to your advantage.


Local Authority offices are similar to the commercial sector. Our experience ensures the Insurers, Police and most importantly the operator’s requirements are all catered for.