An intruder alarm is designed to deter a potential burglary by alerting others of the intrusion. Burglars are more likely to target a property without an intruder alarm.

Types of System

TYP 1 – Hard Wired

Regarded by Police, Insurance companies and Security companies as the preferred option.
All devices are connected by cable to the control panel.

TYP 2 – Wire Free (Radio)

Easier to install than a wired system.
Typically used for Home Installations. Wire free system do not have a wide range of equipment available.

Types of Notification

TYP 1 – Audible Only

The alarm sounds at the premises only. Response is reliant on somebody contacting the police to report it. Many forces have a policy whereby they will not attend audible only alarms unless there is additional evidence to suggest a crime is being committed, in other words they are not likely to attend unless you report a visual sighting or noises such as glass breaking.
If a positive response is required then a monitored system should be considered.

TYP 2 – Monitored

An alarm sounds at the premises and a signal is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via your phone line, wireless network or even by satellite! The ARC will contact the police and your nominated keyholders. They will also try to filer out false alarms and, in the case of a personal attack activation; they will try to contact the premises. A Confirmed Monitored alarm will usually qualify for an immediate police response.