At the design the choice of cameras are evaluated to ensure that they are correctly selected for the application at hand.


Lenses are crucial to the success of the CCTV system and are selected to ensure the scene and the performance of the camera are matched.


High resolution video monitors provide the operator with excellent picture quality. The monitors are often over looked, it sounds simple but poor choice of monitor means poor disappointing performance.

Digital Recording

We have been using a range of digital solutions for many years, our experience has enabled us the select digital recording device to suite every application.

We offer advice on areas such as compression techniques, frame rates and pixel count. This will have a significant impact on the final picture quality as well as the differences between Wavelet, MPEG and JPEG.

Video Motion Detection enables a number of video inputs to be continuously scanned for movement in specified areas of the screen. If movement is detected, the recorded frame rate can be increased and if required an alarm may be generated.

Video Transmission

We provide a number of methods for transmitting video information. The basic requirement of any video transmission system is to view a picture (or pictures) from a camera or other video source, on a monitor, at a convenient and secure location away from the source and for that picture to display the minimum degradation in quality, whatever the distance.

Design Service

As a systems integrator, we first discuss the issues that the client is facing and then determine the best cost-effective solution. We give our clients a complete design service as we keep abreast of technological developments and informed advice on the most effective way of making sure that their security objective is working 24 hours a day, seven days.